Altiq V5.0 Headlight LED H4/H7/H8/9005/9006/H3/H1 (Pair)
Altiq V5.0 Headlight LED H4/H7/H8/9005/9006/H3/H1 (Pair)
Altiq V5.0 Headlight LED H4/H7/H8/9005/9006/H3/H1 (Pair)
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Comparison High Beam v2

Altiq V5.0 Headlight LED H4/H7/H8/9005/9006/H3/H1 (Pair)

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Next Generation - 2024 Leading 52W Power.

Truly Remarkable Performance. Worlds Highest Performance LED Kit.

Forget fake over exagerated power claims of hundreds of watts, the all new V5.0 has a genuine leading 52 Watts per LED kit. Today most LED kits are between 18-25 watts which often drops with thermal sag. Using Power formular P=IV, the all new V5.0 has a genuine 52 Watts at 12 Volts with 4.3 Amps. 

But power isn't everything. Altiq V5.0 runs cooler than ever, thanks to its revolutionary cooling system: dual copper heat pipes and a high-performance Japanese fan. Experience unmatched brightness without the worry of overheating, even surpassing low thermal temps of our 2017 V3.0 which was 18 Watts!

Hyper Bright - Hyper Safe. 
Halogen globes draw 55 Watts, so rest assured, your car won't blow a fuse with 52 Watts.


Crisp, Defined Output Pattern


Head to head the V4.0 outperforms in both lumen output and beam pattern focus. Traditional headlight LEDs create several light sources from the widely placed led chips, by tightly fitting the new NLW1860CV2 LED chips in a row they act as one light source which produces a closer output pattern to the original halogen filament. Beam accuracy consistency is increased removing the guess work and trialling of LED kits to match the reflector.


High heat can cause rapid led decay and deterioration to board components. What was once the largest limiting factor to higher power ratings in headlight led kits the Supernova V4.0 has been mastered to offer increased power handling whilst operating cooler than traditional led kits and offering safety redundancy features.

Built with aircraft grade, high heat dissipating, anti corrosive 6063 aluminium and further cooled with a 6 blade high speed fan featuring Japanese ball bearings the Supernova v4.0 effectively cools the high input power whilst offering an IP65 waterproof rating for the toughest conditions. With the design mindset of everything can eventually fail a thermal redundancy is inbuilt to dim the output to 50% in the worst case scenario of of fan failure, which is better than a flickering or 100% failed LED which won’t get you home. At 50% the 18W output is similar to 1.4A LED kits at 100% brightness.

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