ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights

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Cosmic Black Pre-Orders Available - Despatching 22nd July
ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights
ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights
ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights
ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights
ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights

1 Driving Light - All Roads Covered

180º Coverage in Seconds with our Included Covers

From Highway to Bush, personalised the output of the Rogue MK3's to suit the roads you drive on.

Hybrid Optics - Our most comprehensive beam pattern yet!

Equipped with Osram Boost Oslon 7W Chips and innovative Hybrid Optics reflectors, the Rogue MK3 Driving Lights deliver an exceptional combination of distance and spread with a seamless blend from spot to spread. The comprehensive output pattern ensures optimal illumination, with a 150° spread reaching over 125 meters wide at 450 meters. The lights achieve an impressive 1 lux at over 1.6 kilometers, making them twice as bright as our competitors at 700 meters. This outstanding performance guarantees clear visibility of both the road ahead and the surrounding area, enhancing safety and confidence during nighttime driving.

Panoramic Vision - Unlock the entire road ahead

Take full coverage and spread to the next level with our market-leading panoramic covers. Unlock up to 180° of light projection, providing unparalleled illumination for even the most challenging driving environments. Our advanced optical cover technology ensures that no corner is left in the dark, making the Rogue MK3 the ultimate choice for comprehensive, high-performance lighting.

Undeniably yours

To be seen is to exist, but to be seen distinctively... That's an art. Express your unique style with our range of new swappable facia trim pieces, available in a variety of vibrant colors. Whether you prefer sleek and sophisticated or bold and adventurous, there's a trim piece to match your personality and vehicle aesthetic. Ships with red and grey included.

DRLs With Covers

Distinctively stunning, these are our brightest DRLs ever. Now iconically visible with black out covers fitted, Australia first...ALTIQ - worlds apart design.


Not to be underestimated! – our sleek, compact Rogue MK3 7" doesn't just match the luminosity of larger rivals, it far surpasses them. Equip your vehicle with three or four 7" Rogues, or mix and match with 8.5" models. Strategically designed to complement each other, they boast seamless beam pattern overlap for unmatched performance.


Discover the artistry of engineering with the all new Rogue MK3 polygon bracket. Carved with meticulous precision, each facet is angled uniquely, creating a distinctive style that's both elegant and fierce. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this innovative bracket stands as a testament to strength and durability.

Arctic Gloss White Option

In 2020, we pioneered the first all-white spot light, transcending traditional designs. More than just a white bezel, it's an all-encompassing white gloss, unifying every element of the fixture. This masterpiece sets a new standard in vehicle aesthetics with a uniquely individual, pristine finish, redefining the essence of contemporary illumination.

Wiring Harness Included 

Fully Assembled, our Dual Fast Fit Wiring Harness includes: 

  • Battery Terminals, Fuse, Relay, In-Cabin Isolation Switch, and Deutsch Output Terminals
  • Microprocessor for Negative / Positive Switched Vehicles
  • H4 + HB3 High Beam Adapters for Halogen High Beam Globes 

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