Do You Need A Piggy Back Adaptor For Next Gen Ranger / Everest?

Do You Need A Piggy Back Adaptor For Next Gen Ranger / Everest?

If you're installing auxiliary lighting on your Ranger or Everest like a light bar, spot light or pod light, you will need a source of power. 

What's a fast fit harness?

The ALTIQ™ Fast Fit wiring harness is a universal auxillary light harness connects to your vehicles battery system and the headlight circuit. When high beam is activated, the light fixture is powered from the battery. An in-cab isolator switch will disable the relay from turning on and no power will be directed to the light - safe for city driving where you may want high beam only without the extra power. 

What's a piggy back adaptor?

A piggy back adaptor links the high beam headlight signal to the Fast Fit harness, this signal activates the Relay. This is a very small amount of power, less than one watt passing through the piggy back adaptor as it's only a signal, the main power is handled by the 12 gauge heavy duty harness from the battery, through the relay to the light fixture. 


Next Gen With AUX 6 Overhead Switches. 

An interesting twist on the new Next Gens is that you may not need a piggy back adaptor, in fact you may not need a wiring harness at all! 

Many Next Gen Rangers/Everests include a 6 Auxillary overhead switch panel with 2 engine bay light fixture outputs from factory! 

Output 5 and 6 are high beam dependant circuits which only activate with the headlights, turning off the overhead interior switch will disable the light fixture for city driving.  

  • All Next Gen Raptors have AUX 6 Switch Panel
  • Some Wildtrak models, Platinum and Sport models have this optioned. 

Piggy Back For Next Gen without Aux 6 Overhead Switch Panel

If your Next Gen does not have the overhead 6 Aux switch panel, we have two solutions for you! 

Our universal Fast Fit harness (single or dual output) will install on all Next Gens, now we must determine which piggy back adaptor is required based on the headlight level. 

For Level 1 and 3 headlights our ALTIQ™ Next Gen Ford Ranger & Everest Piggy Back Adaptor will connect directly to the headlight loom and the fast fit harness, providing signal to the harness to activate with high beam and the in cab isolator switch disables output for city driving. 

Next-Gen Level 1& 3 Adapter Available here:

For Level 2 Headlights there is a factory high beam wire located in the passenger side footwell behind the kick panel. We can provide a bridge wire to link this blue high beam wire to the fast fit harness - note this wire will route from the footwell through the firewall to connect to the fast fit harness. 




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