ALTIQ™ 28 Inch Hybrid Single Row Light Bar
ALTIQ™ 28 Inch Hybrid Single Row Light Bar
ALTIQ™ 28 Inch Hybrid Single Row Light Bar
ALTIQ™ 28 Inch Hybrid Single Row Light Bar
ALTIQ™ 28 Inch Hybrid Single Row Light Bar

ALTIQ™ 28 Inch Hybrid Single Row Light Bar

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Hyper Flood, Great Distance and Everything In-between

While previously you would need to choose a light bar for one type of road and be left in the dark on others, we have taken the unconventional route to provide a light bar that provides optimal performance across all roads. Equipped with 3 different reflectors providing driving light distance, a wide throw of flood and a hyper flood that you would normally only get from our work lights, the Hybrid is designed to light up every angle.
True to Altiq Standard, the Hybrid is constructed from only the best components and materials, giving you a Light bar that not only has the best build quality of the box but stays that way for life. 


  • 4 x Scene Reflectors - Ultra Wide Flood Output
  • 5° Hyper spot + wide spread flood parabolic reflectors - Seamless flood to Spot Output
  • Side and Under-mounts Included - Mount Anywhere
  • IP69K Waterproof - Highest Dust & Waterproof Rating - Pressure wash safe.
  • General Electric Lexan lens - Near Indestructible lens that stays clear as intended and does not haze over or yellow. No protective covers needed.
  • DuPont black paint - Black that stays black - highest chip resistant coating.
  • Gore-Tex breather valve - 100% pressure equalisation and moisture venting.
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless bracket - more rigid and durable
  • CISPR 25 Class 3 Certified - Zero Radio/communication interference.
  • 5700 Kelvin colour temperature - Daylight equivalent for low eye strain. 
  • Fast Fit Wiring Harness - Easy plug and play  installation.
  • 10 Year Warranty - No strings, our Light Bars are made to last! 

Hybrid Output

120° Ultra Flood + 1 Lux @ 626m


We take away the need to choose between flood or spot and provide the best of both, but for all roads!

  • Hyper Spot Reflector - The essential for lighting up further down the road, providing more reaction time and better braking distances on the highway.
  • Combo Flood Reflector - Designed to project a wide cast of flood, unlocking further out, off the road, where most animals will lurk before becoming a danger on the road.
  • Scene Reflector - Like adding a work light to each end of the light bar, the Scene Reflectors cast an ultra wide, even spread of flood for the immediate range, perfect for off-roading and corners and technical driving.


Ready to tackle the harshest roads, the Delta V3.0 comes with 2 mounting options.


  • Unbreakable 3mm brushed stainless steel side brackets with full 360° rotation for dialing in the perfect angle + 2 mounting holes per bracket for optimal security.


  • High-pressure cast alloy brackets that secure to the rear of the Delta Housing. The Undermount brackets slide along the Delta's rear channel and allow for tilting adjustments to the lightbar. Tightening the bolts will lock the teeth of the bracket to the Delta's housing, ensuring a secure mounting point that will withstand the harshest corrugations.


We know how to get the best performance and big power with LED's, but what others generally overlook is size. Our Delta Single Row light bars are designed to be compact with a boltless design to not only fit perfectly under a roof rack but be turbulent-free, providing significantly less howling from the wind.

  • Boltless Faceplate- Significantly less turbulence, less noise from wind
  • Slim Form factor - 61mm in height including bracket
  • Minimal Design- Tactical look while maintaining factory look on your vehicle


Fully Assembled, our Single Fast Fit Wiring Harness includes:

  • Battery Terminals, Fuse, Relay, In-Cabin Isolation Switch, and Deutsch Output Terminals
  • Microprocessor for Negative / Positive Switched Vehicles
  • H4 + HB3 High Beam Adapters for Halogen High Beam Globes


10 Year Aussie Warranty

We don't just design and engineer our lights for the best performance, we build them at a standard that results in them outlasting your vehicle - backed by a 10 Year Aussie Warranty.

  • Stainless Steel Bracket - More rigid and durable
  • Gore-Tex Breather Valve - Pressure and moisture venting, allowing seals to last
  • Aluminium Housing - High pressure cast, light yet extremely strong
  • Overkill Heat Sink - Prevents thermal throttling, more performance, more longevity
  • Lexan Lens - Virtually indestructible, Zero yellowing, No Hazing
  • Dupont Paint - No fading, Highest chip resistant

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