ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights
ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights
ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights
ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights
ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights

ALTIQ™ Rogue 7" Mk3 - LED Driving Lights

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At Altiq, we pride ourselves on surpassing the market standard with confidence and expertise. For too long have driving lights been made for one purpose, leaving you with the question, do I get a flood or spot driving light?  

That's why we set out to revolutionise the world of driving lights with our Rogue Mk3 LED Driving Lights. Designed for those who demand unparalleled distance on highways yet still want expansive flood coverage on all roads, our Rogue Mk3's represent the pinnacle of lighting technology.

Featuring a hybrid beam pattern of flood and distance to fit every journey, the Rogue Mk3 offers versatility like never before. At the heart of the Rogue Mk3 lies genuine 7-watt Osram Oslon chips, delivering impeccable colour resolution and a distance capability that feels almost supernatural. With a 1 lux distance of 1600 metres, these spotlights provide extraordinary reach with purposeful brightness. Looking for even more spread? With the included 180º Panoramic Flood covers, you can easily expand the already impressive combo beam to a panoramic 180º for the widest field of view, providing unparalleled visibility in any situation.

🚀 Beyond Supernova: Building on the legacy of the Supernova Infinite 8.5 and Supernova Rogue 8.5 mk2, the all new Mk3 supersedes both across all categories. 

🎨 Personalized Elegance: The Rogue Mk3 isn’t just about power, it's about style. Complement your vehicle with customisable coloured trims, setting you apart from the crowd.

🔗 Alloy of the Future: Witness the union of strength and design with the Rogue Mk3's 12mm thick alloy bracket – an emblem of ALTIQ’s commitment to durability and aesthetic finesse.

🌍 Built for Every Expedition: Keep your beam-modifying covers and adventure gear protected and organized with our premium carry case. Ready when you are.

💡 Osram's Mastery: At the heart of the Rogue Mk3 shines a genuine 7-watt Osram Oslon chip. Impeccable colour resolution, and a distance capability that feels almost supernatural. 

🔦 Majestic Reach with Purposeful Brightness: While reaching an impressive 1 lux distance of 1600 meters, we understand that sheer distance isn't everything. But It's vital to maintain a confident brightness at 600 meters. With the Rogue Mk3, you get precisely that - and with the addition of our flood covers, you can effortlessly expand the beam pattern to a panoramic 180º for the widest field of view.

1 Driving Light - All Roads Covered

180º Coverage in Seconds with our Included Covers

From Highway to Bush, personalised the output of the Rogue MK3's to suit the roads you drive on.

Undeniably yours

To be seen is to exist, but to be seen distinctively... That's an art. Express your unique style with our range of new swappable facia trim pieces, available in a variety of vibrant colors. Whether you prefer sleek and sophisticated or bold and adventurous, there's a trim piece to match your personality and vehicle aesthetic. Ships with red and grey included.


Discover the artistry of engineering with the all new Rogue MK3 polygon bracket. Carved with meticulous precision, each facet is angled uniquely, creating a distinctive style that's both elegant and fierce. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this innovative bracket stands as a testament to strength and durability.


Not to be underestimated! – our sleek, compact Rogue MK3 7" doesn't just match the luminosity of larger rivals, it far surpasses them. Equip your vehicle with three or four 7" Rogues, or mix and match with 8.5" models. Strategically designed to complement each other, they boast seamless beam pattern overlap for unmatched performance.

Wiring Harness Included 

Fully Assembled, our Dual Fast Fit Wiring Harness includes: 

  • Battery Terminals, Fuse, Relay, In-Cabin Isolation Switch, and Deutsch Output Terminals
  • Microprocessor for Negative / Positive Switched Vehicles
  • H4 + HB3 High Beam Adapters for Halogen High Beam Globes 

The Rogue Ecosystem 

Our Rogues aren't just for turning night into day, but also taking your vehicle to the next level with style. Unleash your inner villain or go under the radar with our custom black out covers. And here's the best part: they're not just about aesthetics. By keeping your lights covered, you stay ADR compliant, even if you're like us and prefer to run more than four forward-facing lights. It's the perfect blend of style and safety, designed for adventurers who refuse to compromise.

Arctic Gloss White Option

In 2020, we pioneered the first all-white spot light, transcending traditional designs. More than just a white bezel, it's an all-encompassing white gloss, unifying every element of the fixture. This masterpiece sets a new standard in vehicle aesthetics with a uniquely individual, pristine finish, redefining the essence of contemporary illumination.

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