ATOM™ - D2R Xenon Headlights Globes 6000K (Pair)

ATOM™ - D2R Xenon Headlights Globes 6000K (Pair)

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Whether you're looking to save hundreds on highly priced dealer xenon globes or want more out of your xenon projector headlights, ATOM brings higher output, colour rendering index and colour temperature over traditional big brand xenon globes without the excessive price tag.



  • 6000K Hyper White - Colour Temperature.
  • Quartz German Tube - Superior clarity and thermal resistance
  • USA APL Capsules for stable colour temperature and lumen performance.
  • 3850 Lumen per globe
  • Plug n Play, CAN-BUS Error Free
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Low UV output.
  • HG-Free

Compatible Vehicle List:

Does not fit reflector headlights, replace halogen globes. For D2R headlights only. Whilst D2S looks similar to D2R globes, they are not interchangeable, incorrect installation will result in failure and further damages. If you are unsure which globe you require, get in touch today with your car make and model.



With quotes up to $400 per globe from car dealerships, what may seem like snake oil pricing can be explained simply by middle men up mark. From manufacturer, to importer, distributor, wholesaler and finally retailer/dealership, a stacking doll effect is formed. In true Supernova fashion, we bring premium improvements with accessible pricing.

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