INFERNO V2.0- BAU15S LED Indicator (Pair)
INFERNO V2.0- BAU15S LED Indicator (Pair)
INFERNO V2.0- BAU15S LED Indicator (Pair)

INFERNO V2.0- BAU15S LED Indicator (Pair)

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New INFERNO V2.0 - Zero Hyper-blinking

Direct Plug N Play

Indicators have been a highly sought after LED upgrade for years, up until now they would require dangerously hot resistors to be soldered into the wiring loom or a LED specific flasher relay upgrade. Today, we do one better with an LED that is immensely powerful it does not require resistors, naturally.


No Resistors, No Wiring, CANBUS Error Free


Directly and easily replaces halogen: BAU15S, 1156, 1156PY, PY21W, 7507, 7507AST, 5009, 1056, 5009
Large bayonet style with 30º off set pins
Other sizes

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Unlike traditional LED indicators which have white LED chips and rely on the amber tinge of the headlight/tail light to render the light output amber, INFERNO LEDs feature 100% amber LEDs which ensure maximum output efficiency and deep vibrant colour for maximum indication recognition. 


INFERNO indicator LEDs are not only a lot brighter than traditional halogen globes, their brightness is not heat dependant. The lack of ramp up and fade out time between flashes provides a super crisp and modern style at night. The average flashing rate is unchanged.

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