Spectrum 8 Extreme - LED RGB Rock Lights
Spectrum 8 Extreme - LED RGB Rock Lights
Spectrum 8 Extreme - LED RGB Rock Lights
Spectrum 8 Extreme - LED RGB Rock Lights
Spectrum 8 Extreme - LED RGB Rock Lights

Spectrum 8 Extreme - LED RGB Rock Lights

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Unlimited Styling - Now Even Brighter!

The Full Array - EIGHT rock lights with intelligent control.

Take RGB to the next level with our Spectrum Extreme Rock Lights! Now over 250% more brighter, the Spectrum Extreme have higher points of saturation and offer much more volume of light than any other RGB Rock light on the market.

Stand out in your favourite colour. With almost endless installation possibilities with our rgb rock lights, you can constantly re-define your ride directly via an integrated smartphone app.

Directly install with the included wiring harness, fuse, relay, switch and colour control.
Compact, near indestructible, surface mount lighting fixtures can be fixed to any solid surface with the included self tapper screws and bolts. Rubber mounting platforms offer straight through or surface routing cable management.

Complete App Control - Android and IOS

Red, Green, Blue, White and every colour in-between!


Lights to wiring harness and even alternative bolt options, all install types accounted for.

  • Battery terminals with inbuilt safety fuse
  • Flush mountable main switch
  • Smartphone, bluetooth controlled output box
  • Eight light fixtures 

Easy DIY Install

With all wiring and mounting hardware included, installation is super easy and fast. If your vehicle has a battery, this kit is compatible. 
Four of the light wires are 3500mm  long and the other four are 5000mm long For further versatility on a wide range of toys, big or small.

  • Mount light fixtures
  • Plug into control box
  • Connect battery terminals
  • Pair smartphone bluetooth app and have fun! 

Any Type Of Vehicle!

Whether you've got a 4WD, boat, heavy machinery or a caravan, these rock lights mount on any surface and the kit only requires a battery, such as the vehicles 12V start battery. With a wide DC voltage input (9-24V DC) they work on 12 and 24V systems.
More than a rock light! Think locker cabinets, under canopies, tool draws, interior lights, these micro sized lights provide bright light in hard to reach areas.

Colour For A Vibe - White For Work

Work or play? Do both! 
High output white light provides better vision getting you to the campsite or finding your tools. 

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