VW Golf Mk5/6/7/7.5 License Plate LEDs

VW Golf Mk5/6/7/7.5 License Plate LEDs

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Plug n Play, Error Free, Life time warranty.

New European cars come with LED license plate lights standard from factory for good reason. Not only are they more efficient, they provide a defined modern look. Update the exterior ambience of your vehicle to a crisp, 6000k pure white light with the plug n play Golf License Plate LEDs. Fits all VW Golfs 2005-2018 (MK5 Mk6 MK7). New updated variant, now with 24 month warranty.


  • Plug n Play
  • 6000k Hyper-white
  • Error Free, no VCDS coding needed.
  • New revised design
  • Life time warranty.

Fits all Golf Mk5, MK6, MK7, MK7.5 Models, 2003-2019. TSI/TDI/GT/GTI/GTD/R/R32.

Updated variant: Includes foam gasket to improve fitment and reduce movement.

Please note: Upon car start up, the LEDs illumination is so greatly efficient compared to halogen that they will pulse/flash momentarily during canbus bulb checking.


6000k Hyper-white, 2 Minute Install

Modern Styling. 

A change of colour temperature alone from yellow to hyper-white instantly transforms your car and gives it the well deserved, modern aesthetic. 

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