VW Golf MK6/7 Low Beam LED Kit 6000K - Pair V2.0
VW Golf MK6/7 Low Beam LED Kit 6000K - Pair V2.0

VW Golf MK6/7 Low Beam LED Kit 6000K - Pair V2.0

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Plug n Play 
New V2.0 Variant, 15 Months Development.

The Golf 6 & 7 deliver great features across the platform yet the headlights are one of the key areas which leave a lot to be desired, both in aesthetics and performance. Whilst the low beam globe is a common H7 socket size, upgrading to LED proves very troublesome as the factory headlight utilises a uniquely specific plastic globe adaptor which only fits halogen globes. Installing H7 LEDs traditionally would require a Golf specific LED adaptor and internal re wiring which was measured over hours. The adaptor would induce a varying amount of play where millimetres of movement can translate to unusable and glaring output patterns. Today we deliver a bespoke LED kit specific for Golf 6 and 7 reflector headlights. With a custom moulded adaptor base and contacts it's a direct fit with install time measured in seconds or minutes (depending on engine bay clearance/rear headlight access of sub model Golf).


Plug n Play, Error Free


Exclusively Great.

Fortunately the large empty spacing within the Golf 6 and 7 headlight housing provides adequate room for an oversized passive heat sink. Fanless cooling ensures longevity and peace of mind without the worry of fan ball bearings failing or motors burning out.

Closely packed CREE NLW1860CV2 LED chips mimic an illumination source nearly identical to that of the original halogen filament. The rock solid design and lack of free moving traditional LED adaptor translates to a steady output pattern over the bumpiest roads.

Great Power, Greater Output Safety.

By design, the lack of a traditional free floating adaptor provides better LED positioning for a greater output pattern.

Brighter, Safer, Better.

See further and wider with increased peak lux, total lumen output and increased colour rendering index.

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