ALTIQ Next-Gen Ranger/Everest 28" LED Light Bar Kit
ALTIQ Next-Gen Ranger/Everest 28" LED Light Bar Kit

ALTIQ Next-Gen Ranger/Everest 28" LED Light Bar Kit

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Wiring kit


World First - Double Row 28" For Next- Gen Ranger/Everest.

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Next Gens are equipped with the best LED headlights on a Ranger to date, however, with ADR lumen limits, there's still a lot to be desired for both lumen volume and distance, especially in higher speed, Baja conditions. Our solution? A bespoke kit to mount our renowned 28" Double Row Hybrid LED Light bar behind the grille, boasting a near four fold lux increase with factory integration.

This 28 inch light bar promises a direct fit without extra components. Custom designed brackets are included to directly mount the light bar behind the grille. 

Experience Unmatched Brightness! Our intensive testing demonstrated that the factory high beam achieved 1900 peak lux. But, with the Commander 28" Light Bar in action, we witnessed a staggering rise to 7200 lux. That's a solid fourfold increase in brightness at any range, enhancing visibility and boosting your confidence while navigating the most challenging terrains.

Precision, Perfection, and Performance

The journey to this innovation saw us create over a dozen bracket designs. Using state-of-the-art 3D scanning and printing technology, we insisted on ultra-fine fitment tolerances. We take pride in being the pioneers of integrating a double row light bar onto the Raptor, all thanks to our relentless pursuit of perfection. Please note: The fitment is tight, with minor interference between the light bar and the grille. Nonetheless, all panels can be smoothly refitted, clipped into place, and fasteners reconnected with some components touching. 

Wiring Configurations. 

With AUX 6 Switch Panel
No harness or piggy back adaptor needed! Directly connect the light bar to output 5 or 6 in the engine bay. 

Without AUX Switch Panel

Level 1 & 3 Headlights - Fast Fit Single Harness + Headlight Piggy Back Adaptor. 

Level 2 - Fast Fit Single Harness + Footwell High Beam Piggy Back Wire.



-Next Gen Ranger XLT, Sport, Wildtrak & Platium
-Next Gen Everest, Sport & Platinum.


Wiring Guide

Wiring Configurations

Necessary Harness and Piggy Back Adaptor included dependant on your vehicles headlight system. For vehicles with AUX 6 switches, no harness is necessary.

Without AUX Switch - Level 2 Headlights

For Ranger/Everest with Level 2 Headlights, includes necessary harness and piggy back adaptor which connects to factory high beam wire located in passenger footwell.

Without AUX Switch - Level 1/3 Headlights

For Ranger/Everest with Level 1/3 Headlights, includes necessary harness and piggy back adaptor.

With AUX 6 Overhead Switch

If your Next Gen has factory AUX 6 switch kit, the light bar will directly connect to Aux 5 or 6 in the engine bay.

Made For It.

We're passionate about tailored solutions - this custom bracket system matched with our high performance 28" double row light bar achieves maximum performance with great air flow. (Computational Fluid Dynamics Tested).

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