VF Commodore Headlight LED Package

VF Commodore Headlight LED Package

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Plug n Play, Error Free.

Despite being one of Holdens arguably best production cars of all time, the VF series leaves a bit to be desired in light output and aesthetic. 

This direct fit, plug n play LED kit brings your headlights to life with hyper white, hyper bright LEDs providing better clarity, distance and transcending aesthetics. 

Some say projector headlights are best paired with HIDs. This was traditionally true when comparing with generic LEDs. We believe in the best solution per application, in this case the V4.0 LED provides an unrivalled crisp cut off pattern and centre peak lux. Inverse square law demonstrates that a 200% higher lux rating will have a 200% higher reading at further distances. The percentage gain contrast is more important than the absolute measured reading which varies dependant on distance from illumination source. 


  • Supernova V4.0 Low Beam LEDs (2)
  • Supernova V4.0 High Beam LEDs (2)
  • Supernova Remnant Parker LEDs  (2)

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